Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kunjungan yang Sangat Dihargai!!!

Diz is da person who's been waited for bout 1 month after she planned to come. bestnya!!!

ANA looks so gorgeous now n forever!!! ana memang sangat chantique, in her way she is. even all my kawan2 suka ana. sweet gal!!!

We went to banyak2 pantai. hehe. PANTAI. ana rili love pantai dun she? but who dont? =)
im glad dat she finally made it here, for da 2nd time. yay!!!

then finally, sapa orang tua neh??? dat guy?? hahah. its SAREP.
tak abeh2 duk tnya bila ana, aliya, atol, pie, nabila, mimie, n all my fren will be here again??
i wonder kenapa dia yang over excited. hmm. haihhh. hahahahah

cant wait for the next visits of others.

P/S : I meant U.


aliya azizan said...

piap piap..terasa dol.

Anonymous said...

thax qisss..jgnla buat i terharu.haha

p/s~thax 4 d compliment sy ckp jgn exaggerate la..adoi +_+

BaLQis said...

hahhaha. gud then.

BaLQis said...

hahaha. ana, again, mna da exaggerate!!!! u are chantique hell!!!!

Anonymous said...

cantik la ana nih :)

BaLQis said...

ana ni memang cantik. ;)