Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting = Loosing

will this smile stay forever??

huhu. somewhere, somehow, smilin alone, thinkin of the truth of those cliche.
sumtime i feels like al those things happened to me are like killin me somehow.
but, da truth is, "hidup ibarat roda".
sumtimes on the top, sumtimes at da bottom.
it's true.

i'm gainin and gettin lotsa great things happenin on me lately.
Fans. (poyo sket)

in da other way, there's stil,
black site of my life.
Lenka's rite : "Trouble is a friend of mine".
Cliche from aliya : 'There's must be sumtin behind sumtin'
i believe in her,
i believe in Him.
Hope everything'll be fine.
Like how it used to be,
durin my childhood..

P/S : I Love You.