Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sahabat + Kekasih = Cinta

It's true.

The love of a KEKASIH will never be same as the love of a SAHABAT.. But if we're not misusing the love between KEKASIH, that's par to the love of a SAHABAT actually..

This one is more interesting,..

Love of a KEKASIH + SAHABAT, 2 IN 1.. Actually it's just depends on the person who's bein our SAHABAT or KEKASIH.. Is she/he is bein sincere of bein our SAHABAT?? Or is he/she is sincere of bein our KEKASIH??

It's true dat da KEKASIH's love have no assurance of bein remain or eternal, but is there's any assurance sayin dat the SAHABAT's love will also remain till the end??

Nowadays, there are so many cases which can be related to those old cliche, 'gunting dalam lipatan', 'bagai haruan makan anak', 'tikam dari belakang', 'the mole of the betrayal', haisyyy... it's so banyak..

So, what am I trying to say is, remember this cliche, 'Dont Judge A Book By It's Cover'. Sometime, we might think or thought sumone dat we knew is very kind and perfect but she/he is beyond the expected. Vice Verca. Sumtimes, we did gave the 1st impression on sumone. "I thot he/she is not a kind person @ snob @ grumpy @ wuteva bad characters could be". But just back to basic please, dun judge a book by it's cover,..

To Accept is Not To Believe..
In that reception, there are still suspicious, doubts, and not too believe or trust too much. All we have to do is being humble and not to over in doing anything in our live.. Dat's one of the sunnah rite??

InsyaAllah Allah'll redha if the intention and implementation is in da rite way...

Are u sincere of being my SAHABAT??

Are u sincere of being my KEKASIH??

If u say YES, I'm glad. But think about it again.. Maybe it's not your real answer...

P/s : I Lov n Miss U Guys, GST, Pu3, Ani, Tiqah, All Special Person in my LIFE.

And there's no KEKASIH in da dictionary of my life till now because da only KEKASIH of mine is Him, His Lover, and my Future Mr. Rite. =)