Saturday, October 16, 2010

main - main =)

Sg. Semuji, Pahang

Sg. Semuji, Pahang

Sg. Lembing, Pahang

Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang.

Sg. Lembing, Pahang.


Dilla's Place (lady in purple, sittin at da front). nak puding roti lg!!!

Ayu's place (lady in choc). thanx ayu, sdap semua makanan!!!

Faculty RAYA~

5 Lelaki~ ahaha
Pantai Sepat, Kuantan.
there's a bestie,
who i declared as my angel of the unknown.
am so lucky to hav her.
Thanx God.
She'll be my bridesmaid. =)

Yea, dats u. :)


He keeps saying,

u r my other half,
u meant da world for me,
u r my furstin,
u r my life,
can't imagine mylife without u,
i adore u,
i loves u as u are,
i wanna take u as my amanah,
im learnin u,
im givin everything for u,
i'll fight for u.

u r cukup for me. i wont ask for more. seriously.

P/S :- I do Love You, there i said it. (cuz i know u wont read diz, aha) :)