Sunday, October 4, 2009

RaYa LaGi!!!!

3rd of RaYa???

whoa!!! seems like all da gloomy things disapperared!!! ahahaha.. aleya, pie n my twin, intan juju went to my ous, kidnapped n went to give a visit at Ms. Nik house.. ahhhaa... seems like lots of click gonna be there!!! then we met atol, and also bond, azim, afiq adli(my fightin mate)... all of dat sweet pics of us seems to be flyin around my head..

we're spendin happy time together. as how hari raya should be.
visit other clicks' ous..
lov it..
miss it..
wish it'll happen again...

P/S :- Besties
Wish w all can live, chat, eat, sleep, bathe, do all the nit-wit things together again..
Do love each other as how we used to be years before...