Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aina Qalbik???

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W

"Beware, there's a piece of flesh in the body, if it becomes good(reformed), the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt, and that is HEART"...

1) Di mana hatimu?

Where is it? Aina qalbik?? Long time ago it was used to say, "Your heart is bound to the money and treasures you've got"..
One fellow's heart is bound to the jewelry he bought for his wife..
And another fellow's heart is stuck to the money he deposited into the bank..

That was the case before, but frankly now it is much worse!!
Aina qalbik??? Aina qalbik???
Is it with your woman; playing it like a toy?
What have you done with it???

2)Hati tak pernah tetap..

Heart are inconstant. They change each hour like a feather blown by the wind turning it upside-down.. Hati yg kamu ada sekarang, tidak akan sama dengan hati yang akan kamu ada 1 jam kemudian dan seterusnya. Heart is labelled "inconstant" because of its changeable nature..

To confirm to God's religion is a serious and elevated matter because it is directly related to the heart which is in turn inconstant.. May ALLAH confirm our heart to follow the religion properly; seeking His obedience till the Day of Judgement...

3) Habibi, akhi..

Mari kita berhenti dan tanya pada diri kita sebentar malam ini.. "Which HEART is your?"
"Aijul qulubi qalbuk??"...
Is it still fettered to NAFS??
Poor you!! Are you still preoccupied with belly and lust???
Ma zillikayamiskin... Poor You!! Are you still living for appearance and worldly pleasures??
Isn't it the time for your heart to get released to the open space of worship??

Ma zillikayamiskin!!!
Are you still content with worldly richness or a transient lust??
Thinking not of your destiny....

4) A regressed heart....
Is this is your HEART??? Why are you fleeing away?? Is this really your HEART??
Take it easy, calm down, now tell me frankly,..
Da qalbak??? Is this your heart???
Do you have an earthly heart which is satisfied when all your wishes are granted and discontent when they are not???

Da qalbak?? Is this your HEART??
A heart only searching for things to eat, cars to drive, and places to visit??
Caring only how, when and where to SLEEP???

Poor you... Poor you... Poor you......
What a regressed heart you have..

5) Kemanisan iman..

Ya maukuuz... Ya maukuuz.....
Poor you...
Hasn't your heart felt the sweetness of prostration, being close to Him?
For what you sold all these priceless things????

You people who are desperate, bored, weary, lost and in pain,..
Haven't i told you we long for opening a hospital for curing with IMAN??
Bil imaan,!! Na'am!!! Bil imaan!!
YES!!! With iman..


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Advices..

Why are you arrogant and proud?

Nothing really deserves it

Arrogance and pride are pure ignorance

Can a seeker for truth live in ignorance?

Also pride is a danger on our ummah (Muslim nation)

All you seekers of truth! You must do good to all creatures

Don’t ever be the reason of chaos and destruction on earth

How can you on your journey to truth destroy the earth that you are vicegerent upon

Do good and don’t ever do chaos!

Pride is the main source of problems on earth

Wars, destruction, theft, bribery, hate.. etc,

But how can we solve these problems?

Don’t ever say I’m the good guy that is going to solve the world’s problems

Even if it’s done in the name of Islam

You must purify your heart first from the diseases

Be keen on jobs or works that increase your humbleness

On meeting people, you start the greetings.. Don’t wait for someone to greet you first

Be it old, young, friend or an enemy you have to start the greetings

Don’t follow your “nafs” that tells you that you deserve greeting

Do jobs that break your ego..

Do jobs that break your ego..

Do jobs that break your ego..