Monday, January 18, 2010

  • Life's so unexpected

  • Expect the unexpected

  • Be thankful to wat we're havin

  • Think positive

All those cliche keeps playin in my messed mind. I dunno wat to do. All diz while, me n my besties had announced ourself as Indie Gal - as we can live on our own. But, everything is not like wat we wanted it to be.

Bila org tanya, "kalau ada orang yang sukakan kamu n wanna be friend wit u, wat will u do?" and dgn senangnya aku jawab, "alaa, best apa kalau ada org suka, bleh dpt adiah, best la".. Tapi when it comes to da real situation, it's actrually not as easy as i thot.

I'll say, "Gila ka suka kat aku?? Either u buta or gila!!" ahaha. But it's normal. Just when it comes to sudden, sumtimes, aku pon pening nak handle. aiya...

But, diz's life. Pahit atau manis, semua kena telan. God, guide me..

Lots of things to be considered. People around me, wat do they feel, wat'll they say, my bestie, wat will they feel.. Sumtimes it's so hard for me.

Blurred. Stressed. X caya. X logic. Gila.