Friday, January 1, 2010

Life is so easy!!!

Have we ever whining, " why do I've to face all diz??" , " why it was me??" , " why he/she did diz to me?" or even " I can't stand it anymore. I'm not strong enough, I'll rather die..". So many questions in our mind.

Why? Why? Why? Is it true dat all questions must have an answer? If i ask u now, "Who's my future colleague?" , or " Who's my future Mr. Rite?" , or " What'll happen to you tomorrow?" and etc. So, let me ask again. Do anybody in diz universal world, can answer all those question for me?? Why are we messing and burdening our mind with lots of stressful question like dat? Have we ever think even a lil while in our life, of why, what, when, who, how everything is coming through us. Maybe some people would say it's hallucination or irrational but as for me, after having a many years spent on thinking and analyzing all da unanswered questions in my life, i found out dat one cliche is exactly TRUE!!!

It's feels so great and awesome when we finally figured out something dat we've been searching for so long.. No more tizzy. No more topsy-turvy. No more frustration. No more hatred. No more tragic life like Hamlet of Shakespears. Because I'd found da solution of all of it!!! LIFE IS SO EASY!!! Dat's da word. Believe it or not, it's truly happening and absolutely correct.

You want me to prove it?? Do you dare to read da simple and easiest solution of releasing all tenses or pressures on your head? Will you be ready to having a happy days after this? the answer is YES!! You must have it all easy in your precious life!!! The most important keywords is, 'Think Positive, Act Positive and Be Positive.'

It's as simple as this.

  • First, how does da cliche, ' Learn to forgive but not to forget' work??
    If you are mad or avenging on someone, been lied by a pawky? or your lover betrayed you, or a bestie stabbed you from behind, or you are feeling like murdering somebody, all you have to do is just FORGET IT!! Nothing will be settled by doing all those inane actions. We should be grateful to those people who we thot ruined or givin' us so much trouble. Why? Because they'd gave us the most precious things in diz whole universe dat u wont be able to buy it wif your ringgit, - EXPERIENCE.

  • Second, ' Everything happen for reasons ' rite? hmmm.. say is easier then do, and lots more cliche comin thru my head when talkin bout dz matter. plus, i've read and heard, "Today's horn's tomorrow's flower". Everyday, lotsa things happenin on us without we never realizing it. SUmtimes, we murmered, mad, or even shouted or yelled at our clicks jus bcoz of we're havin probs. This nitty things actually affected us so much. SO, wat we have to do is, just smile, thankful to Allah, and think da positive things behind those tests..

huhu... hope my opinion diz time can help u guys sikit sebanyak in handlin n managin our life fluently n smoothly.


Cekodok Pisang?

Hmm.. pernah satu hari masa kat uni neh, sampai xleh tido tringat nak makan cekodok pisang. puas cari merata, mintak tolong kawan-kawan, tapi malangnya x dapat.. Tido dalam kesedihan laa mlm tuh..

just imagine, 2 weeks lagi blk rumah. huhu.. kempunan la aku.\
Balik umah, mak buat da best cekodok pisang ever!! Thanx God.

So, i would like to share da recepies.
-mashed pisang ( kalau ranum lgi best, and mesti pisang emas yg plg sedap)

-tepung gandum





method : hahaha... caranya mudah saja. mash pisang tu, then masukkan tepung, jangan la banyak sangat, nanti tak sedap. then, gula, garam sikit, marjerin, then air kalau perlu. haaaa... siap di goreng!!

see, its as easy as a b c!!!