Saturday, October 16, 2010

main - main =)

Sg. Semuji, Pahang

Sg. Semuji, Pahang

Sg. Lembing, Pahang

Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang.

Sg. Lembing, Pahang.


Dilla's Place (lady in purple, sittin at da front). nak puding roti lg!!!

Ayu's place (lady in choc). thanx ayu, sdap semua makanan!!!

Faculty RAYA~

5 Lelaki~ ahaha
Pantai Sepat, Kuantan.
there's a bestie,
who i declared as my angel of the unknown.
am so lucky to hav her.
Thanx God.
She'll be my bridesmaid. =)

Yea, dats u. :)


He keeps saying,

u r my other half,
u meant da world for me,
u r my furstin,
u r my life,
can't imagine mylife without u,
i adore u,
i loves u as u are,
i wanna take u as my amanah,
im learnin u,
im givin everything for u,
i'll fight for u.

u r cukup for me. i wont ask for more. seriously.

P/S :- I do Love You, there i said it. (cuz i know u wont read diz, aha) :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aina Qalbik???

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W

"Beware, there's a piece of flesh in the body, if it becomes good(reformed), the whole body becomes good but if it gets spoilt the whole body gets spoilt, and that is HEART"...

1) Di mana hatimu?

Where is it? Aina qalbik?? Long time ago it was used to say, "Your heart is bound to the money and treasures you've got"..
One fellow's heart is bound to the jewelry he bought for his wife..
And another fellow's heart is stuck to the money he deposited into the bank..

That was the case before, but frankly now it is much worse!!
Aina qalbik??? Aina qalbik???
Is it with your woman; playing it like a toy?
What have you done with it???

2)Hati tak pernah tetap..

Heart are inconstant. They change each hour like a feather blown by the wind turning it upside-down.. Hati yg kamu ada sekarang, tidak akan sama dengan hati yang akan kamu ada 1 jam kemudian dan seterusnya. Heart is labelled "inconstant" because of its changeable nature..

To confirm to God's religion is a serious and elevated matter because it is directly related to the heart which is in turn inconstant.. May ALLAH confirm our heart to follow the religion properly; seeking His obedience till the Day of Judgement...

3) Habibi, akhi..

Mari kita berhenti dan tanya pada diri kita sebentar malam ini.. "Which HEART is your?"
"Aijul qulubi qalbuk??"...
Is it still fettered to NAFS??
Poor you!! Are you still preoccupied with belly and lust???
Ma zillikayamiskin... Poor You!! Are you still living for appearance and worldly pleasures??
Isn't it the time for your heart to get released to the open space of worship??

Ma zillikayamiskin!!!
Are you still content with worldly richness or a transient lust??
Thinking not of your destiny....

4) A regressed heart....
Is this is your HEART??? Why are you fleeing away?? Is this really your HEART??
Take it easy, calm down, now tell me frankly,..
Da qalbak??? Is this your heart???
Do you have an earthly heart which is satisfied when all your wishes are granted and discontent when they are not???

Da qalbak?? Is this your HEART??
A heart only searching for things to eat, cars to drive, and places to visit??
Caring only how, when and where to SLEEP???

Poor you... Poor you... Poor you......
What a regressed heart you have..

5) Kemanisan iman..

Ya maukuuz... Ya maukuuz.....
Poor you...
Hasn't your heart felt the sweetness of prostration, being close to Him?
For what you sold all these priceless things????

You people who are desperate, bored, weary, lost and in pain,..
Haven't i told you we long for opening a hospital for curing with IMAN??
Bil imaan,!! Na'am!!! Bil imaan!!
YES!!! With iman..


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Advices..

Why are you arrogant and proud?

Nothing really deserves it

Arrogance and pride are pure ignorance

Can a seeker for truth live in ignorance?

Also pride is a danger on our ummah (Muslim nation)

All you seekers of truth! You must do good to all creatures

Don’t ever be the reason of chaos and destruction on earth

How can you on your journey to truth destroy the earth that you are vicegerent upon

Do good and don’t ever do chaos!

Pride is the main source of problems on earth

Wars, destruction, theft, bribery, hate.. etc,

But how can we solve these problems?

Don’t ever say I’m the good guy that is going to solve the world’s problems

Even if it’s done in the name of Islam

You must purify your heart first from the diseases

Be keen on jobs or works that increase your humbleness

On meeting people, you start the greetings.. Don’t wait for someone to greet you first

Be it old, young, friend or an enemy you have to start the greetings

Don’t follow your “nafs” that tells you that you deserve greeting

Do jobs that break your ego..

Do jobs that break your ego..

Do jobs that break your ego..

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Aku : Macam mana ni ...... ??

Dia : Tak apa, sabar.. Allah always there 4 us..

Aku : I did a really big mistake bestie.. Do you hate me for dat??

Dia : Never Belle!! Still love u like before. Everybody did mistakes. Do repent.. He always be kindful...

Aku : Thanx God dat i've been blessed wif a really gud fren like u...

P/S : Diz post is specially wrote for u guys.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dugaan Itu Suatu Rahmat.. Is it?

Apa lagi salah aku?

Mana lagi yang tak cukup?

Apa lagi yang tak cukup?

Mana lagi yang tak betul?


Itu semua rungutan semasa aku jahil..
Lalai.. Leka.. Lupa..


Again, Today's thorn is tomorrow's flower..

Di sebalik setiap dugaan yang diberi-Nya,
Pasti ada ganjaran yang lebih besar buat aku..
Terima kaseh Kekasihku,
Ya Allah...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trillions Of Happiness




Haha. Unexpected.

No pain, No gain. Ait??


April 22nd = May 25th???

P/S :- Trillions of thanks to Pieka, Qeelah, Zue, Opiq, n Beau.

For the 1st pranked. Lov u guys.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


People are often unreasonable,
illogical and self-centered,
Forgive them anyway..

If you are kind,
people may accuse you,
of selfish, ulterior motives,
Be kind anyway..

If you are successful,
You will win some false friends,
Some true enemies,
Succeed anyway..

If you are honest and frank,
People may cheat on you,
Be honest and frank anyway..

What you spend years building,
Someone could destroy overnight,
Build anyway..

If you find serenity and happiness,
They might be jealous,
Be happy anyway..

Give the world the best you have,
And it may never be enough,
Give the world the best,
You have got anyway..

You see, in the final analysis,
It's between YOU and GOD,
It's never between
You and them anyway...

Friday, March 19, 2010

aku + dia = kamu

darkness go away
dark cloud please go
sunshine coming
beautiful rainbow smiling
happiness please stay.

:) am waitin to meet leya's beau.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peace, Serenity, Pliz Stay..

Allah's just so Fair. Loving.
Makes my world colorful.
He gave me dark cloud, and now he keep giving me beautiful rainbow.
Smiling. Grateful.
Peace inside.
Pliz make it stay..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jujur + Amanah = Percaya

Hard to believe in people nowadays.

Betrayals. Mole. Foe. So many bad words around.

The traumatic syndrome, made me who i am today.

Always remind myself not to put my TRUST on anybody easily,

But i always DID.

So, don't let me hate YOU,

By betraying ME!!

Explain in to me b4 i hate YOU.

Monday, March 1, 2010

PEREMPUAN yang SUCI adalah perempuan yang dijaga oleh ALLAH SWT, tidak sedikit pun Allah S.W.T membenarkan mana-mana lelaki menyentuh dirinya walaupun hatinya, kerana Allah teramat menyintainya.

Tetapi andai kita bergelumang dengan lelaki, di mana Allah untuk menjaga kita?? Allah seperti melepaskan kita kepada seorang manusia yang lebih banyak mengecewakan kita...

Jika Allah datangkan kesedaran dalam diri kita supaya meninggalkan CINTA seorang LELAKI, bermakna Allah S.W.T mahu mengambil kita kembali, untuk dijaga-Nya..

Mengapa masih ragu-ragu??? kekuatan usah ditunggu, tapi mesti dicari!! Hargailah kesempatan yang Allah S.W.T berikan..

Tunggulah JODOH yang terbaik yang akan Allah berikan, sesungguhnya, perempuan yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik..

-texted by a sahabat-

P/S : Thanx Sahabat for remindin me..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Zue's B- Day!!

DRAMA :- Kehilangan Pieka di TC. ahaha.
Barisan 'Drama Queen' :- Qeela, Qis, Pieka
also thanx to :- Mr. S, Mak Ngah, and extras yg laen. ahaha
Bday gal :- Zue

No more cakes!!

Da abeh makan~ Haiihhh.. Nak buat apa lagi kat Zue heh??

Ahha!!! Padan muka Zue kna humban dalam Pantai!!!

P/S :- Happy Birthday Zue.
Sorry for the prank. hahaha. peduli ape kitorang??
Wish u all the happiness .
Thanx to sapa2 yg terlibat untuk mem'prank' ZUE. ahaha

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dreams come TRUE!!!

hmm.. speechless. smile like inane and sumtimes insane. and finally i go to sleep wif big smile pasted on my plumpy face. aha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

til we meet again, lurve.

im wit leya rite now.
we are rummaging thru an old folder of our pics.
and we've found this.

merindu saat dan ketika ini.

atul terchenta,

isok kami p hantaq u.
seeing u before u leave for gud.
muka-muka kami jugak
yg u akan tingok nanti
by the time u balik sini,
oh techa ruby!


oh ya.
we miss u oredi.
lagi satu..
kami janji esok..
kami tak kan nangeh.
(tapi belle dah touching dah skrg nih)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Makan + Angin = Kembung Perut~

Sunlit~ Wish dat smile will remain..

captured by qeelah..

I wish al those happiness n smile of us will remain..

Hope nutin will change it as bein wif them is one of great things happened in my life...

P/S : I Miss my GST a lots. huhu..

Friday, February 5, 2010

4 types of S_A_B_A_R ??

Merujuk kepada Kitab Risalatul Mu'awanah oleh Al-Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad, ...

Menurut beliau, kesabaran boleh dibahagikan kepada 4 bahagian utama. Bahagian-bahagian tersebut ialah :

1) Kesabaran untuk membuat ketaatan

2) Kesabaran dalam menahan diri dari kemaksiatan

3) Kesabaran atas perkara-perkara yang dibenci

4) Kesabaran atas nafsu dan syahawat

Beliau juga, dalam salah satu majlis, telah menerangkan bahawa sesungguhnya mereka yang menerima ujian pada zaman ini terbahagi kepada tiga golongan :

1) Golongan yang redha dan bertenang menghadapi ujian. Ganjaran untuk mereka adalah diangkat darjat mereka.

2) Golongan yang gelisah menghadapi ujian tetapi tidak membantahnya. Ganjaran untuk mereka pula adalah dihapuskan dosa.

3) Golongan yang gelisah dan membantah pula ujian yang dihadapi. Mereka akan mendapat kemurkaan dan balasan yang buruk.

Berbalik kepada bahagian-bahagian kesabaran tadi, cuba kita lihat satu persatu. Kesabaran dalam melakukan ketaatan boleh kita lihat dalam mendidik jiwa untuk rajin dan tabah mengerjakan amal ibadat. Solat yang fardhu dan sunnah, sedekah yang fardhu dan sunnah, begitu juga puasa, haji, wirid harian, dan lain-lain amalan ketaatan kepada Allah baik yang khas mahupun yang am, memerlukan kesabaran dalam diri untuk melakukannya.

Namun begitu, bagi mereka yang telah sampai ke maqam Al-'Arif, segala ibadat tidak dirasakan melainkan perasaan yang lazat dan ketenangan. Al-Imam Al-Haddad ada menyebut: "Sesiapa yang melazimi sifat sabar, akan sampai ke maqam Al-Qurb (hampir dgn Allah), dan di sana dia akan mendapati pada amal ibadatnya, kemanisan, kelazatan dan ketenangan yang tidak tergambar".

Betapa indahnya jika kita dapat merasai kemanisan begitu. Namun syaratnya seperti yang telah disebutkan oleh Al-Imam Al-Haddad adalah melazimi kesabaran. Pertamanya, sabar dalam istiqamah melakukan perkara yang wajib. Kemudian istiqamah dalam meningkatkan pula kualiti amalan kita itu dari sudut khusyuk dan sempurnanya. Seiringan itu kesabaran dalam beristiqamah melakukan perkara-perkara yang sunnah.

Bukankah di dalam hadis qudsi ada disebutkan bahawa tidak mendekatkan diri seorang hamba kepada Allah dengan mengerjakan amalan sunnah, melainkan Allah akan menjadi Penunjuk kepada setiap langkah, perbuatan, pendegaran, penglihatan dan percakapannya. Apabila telah dekat diri kita dengan Allah, maka tentu sekali segala amalan tersebut menjadi kemanisan buat kita.

Cuba kita lihat. Apa jua yang ingin kita lakukan pada mulanya menuntut kesabaran. Si anak kecil, ketika mula-mula belajar makan, betapa sukar untuk memasukkan makanan ke dalam mulut. Selalu saja terbabas dari destinasi. Kadang terbabas ke dagu, kadang terbabas ke pipi, kadang ke hidung dan kadang sampai ke telinga. Namun berkat kesabaranlah kita semua mampu untuk makan dengan sempurna hari ini.

Begitu jua dengan amalan kita. Ambil contoh bacaan wirid selepas solat, ma'tsurat atau ratib-ratib yang ada. Kita perlukan kesabaran untuk terus membacanya dengan istiqamah. Berkat kesabaran kita, insyaAllah satu hari tanpa kita membacanya kita akan rasa kekosongan dan tidak sempurna hidup. Seperti sesorang yang berpisah dengan kekasih lagaknya. Nah, itu merupakan satu tanda kita telah mula menikmati kelazatan ibadat tersebut.

Ya Allah kurniakan kami kesabaran dalam mengerjakan amal ibadat mentaati-Mu! Amiin..

Al-Quran + Sunnah = Guidance

Sabda Rasulullah : "Dunia ini ialah perhiasan dan sebaik-baik perhiasan di dunia ini ialah Wanita yang solehah." (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

Lesson for me and other Muslimah :
Together we discover the beauty of Islam and
aim for being a Wanita Solehah..


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sahabat + Kekasih = Cinta

It's true.

The love of a KEKASIH will never be same as the love of a SAHABAT.. But if we're not misusing the love between KEKASIH, that's par to the love of a SAHABAT actually..

This one is more interesting,..

Love of a KEKASIH + SAHABAT, 2 IN 1.. Actually it's just depends on the person who's bein our SAHABAT or KEKASIH.. Is she/he is bein sincere of bein our SAHABAT?? Or is he/she is sincere of bein our KEKASIH??

It's true dat da KEKASIH's love have no assurance of bein remain or eternal, but is there's any assurance sayin dat the SAHABAT's love will also remain till the end??

Nowadays, there are so many cases which can be related to those old cliche, 'gunting dalam lipatan', 'bagai haruan makan anak', 'tikam dari belakang', 'the mole of the betrayal', haisyyy... it's so banyak..

So, what am I trying to say is, remember this cliche, 'Dont Judge A Book By It's Cover'. Sometime, we might think or thought sumone dat we knew is very kind and perfect but she/he is beyond the expected. Vice Verca. Sumtimes, we did gave the 1st impression on sumone. "I thot he/she is not a kind person @ snob @ grumpy @ wuteva bad characters could be". But just back to basic please, dun judge a book by it's cover,..

To Accept is Not To Believe..
In that reception, there are still suspicious, doubts, and not too believe or trust too much. All we have to do is being humble and not to over in doing anything in our live.. Dat's one of the sunnah rite??

InsyaAllah Allah'll redha if the intention and implementation is in da rite way...

Are u sincere of being my SAHABAT??

Are u sincere of being my KEKASIH??

If u say YES, I'm glad. But think about it again.. Maybe it's not your real answer...

P/s : I Lov n Miss U Guys, GST, Pu3, Ani, Tiqah, All Special Person in my LIFE.

And there's no KEKASIH in da dictionary of my life till now because da only KEKASIH of mine is Him, His Lover, and my Future Mr. Rite. =)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Garam + Air = Laut

Da Escapin' Journey began..
Road to TC!!

Arrived at TC!! Zealous!!!
Picnic On Da Go!!!

Bein friend wif 'it'.. Gosh i like it!!!

Finally, da target = PICNIC, is achieved!!!
to NC : Best of luck in deliverin ur speech!!! ahaha

Poyo on da Batu!! D air there's so comfy~

Apa Qilah?? Da nak blik?? Alaaa...

US!!! Haha.. da nak balik dah...

Zue da penat sgt da kot tuh?? Ke nk blik dengar speech NC? ahaha

Haha. stil av time to try da new shirt. nice is it???

Alhamdulillah, everything went very well.

We did have so much FUN,

while escapin ourselves from da NC speech, even there are free lunch. ahahaha...

Who care???

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apa Ini?

huhu.. sigh.. sometime, somehow, feels so stupid. inane. started to do nitty things. huhu. tizzy sumtimes. but, there's always a reason behind everything. I believe it. Cliche perhaps. I leave everything to Him. Diz feeling is killin me from da inside.. huhu..

Planta + Strawberry = Just Nice!!




addicted to the old recepies,

of my childhood.


wif planta + strawberry jam

adoi.. damn just nice.. huhu..

miss da person who oways made dat 4 me..

P/S : I Miss You

Friday, January 29, 2010


Da poyo faces of K-A-M-I

GST Garduation Day moment..

Finally, after a long time waiting, i got many things
comin thru my life lately.
It is all makin me smile like inane,
and sumtimes like insane.
Last nite, all GST gather, di alam maya,
chattin, laughin, sharin stories,
Gosh i lov dat moment even nab couldnt joined us.
Huhu... Wish it'll happen again.
And again. So that we'll stil keeps ourselves

P/S : I Lov U Guys.

Try to put diz on ur EARS!!!

Fynn Jamal - Biar Jiwa

kau bikinku gigit bibir sendiri
lamakah lagi kita sepi?
kau bikinku renung sinar mentari
lamakah lagi kita begini?

alangkan bulan terang
hilang nyawa tanpa bintang
apalagi aku

alangkan bunga kembang
pudar warna tanpa siang
bayangkan aku

berkaliku mintakan dari dulu
usah kau tunggu ucap itu
berkaliku bisikkan pada kamu
usah kau buntu aku milikmu

alangkan bulan terang
hilang nyawa tanpa bintang
apalagi aku

alangkan bunga kembang
pudar warna tanpa siang
bayangkan aku

perlukah aku menyebut setiapnya
yang indahku tidak akan ada makna
bila kau sembunyi dan bermain lari-lari
separuh aku sudah pun mati

tak mampukah kau percaya
haruskah ku hebahkannya pada dengki dunia?
tidak bisakah kita sekadar pejam mata
biar jiwa bersuara

biar jiwa

Comment aku : Aleya yg suggested.
Damn diz songs keeps playing on my ears 24-7.
thanx leya.
Anyway, it suits us wel.
I meant U. Ahahaha

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting = Loosing

will this smile stay forever??

huhu. somewhere, somehow, smilin alone, thinkin of the truth of those cliche.
sumtime i feels like al those things happened to me are like killin me somehow.
but, da truth is, "hidup ibarat roda".
sumtimes on the top, sumtimes at da bottom.
it's true.

i'm gainin and gettin lotsa great things happenin on me lately.
Fans. (poyo sket)

in da other way, there's stil,
black site of my life.
Lenka's rite : "Trouble is a friend of mine".
Cliche from aliya : 'There's must be sumtin behind sumtin'
i believe in her,
i believe in Him.
Hope everything'll be fine.
Like how it used to be,
durin my childhood..

P/S : I Love You.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The day wif full of surprise began..
went to aerobic at 7.45 a.m.
it's FUN!!!

The tired faces after 45 min workout!!
Well done Qilah, Pikah and Zue!!
Finally u guys did it!!

11.18 a.m : Got a call from lecturers of English.
Me have to attend and participate.
So you think u can SPEAK??
Whew~ sigh..
I'm forced to do it.
No preparation
After ages I didnt join diz kinda things..
Managed to be in da final round, Alhamdulillah..

Finally, it ends.
Me got 4th place.
Worth for me, wif no preparation.
Haha. Thanx a lot Qilah, Pikah, Zue and Opiq.
U guys did a great job!!
Lov ya.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe.

Hey birthday gurl!!!

Diz is da choc cake i'd made especially for u leya.
happy 21st bday!!!

  • wish u'll have da universe's love
  • happiness
  • smile
  • oways be da 'bodo' leya which i lov da most.
  • buh-bye!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Belle : where's d other GST?
Atol : Wish they're also here.
Belle : Pie, meh la snap pics 2gether!!
Leya : Ntah Pie, benti la makan sat.
Pie : Go ahead, satgi aku join. makan mee mamak

Huhu.. Whenever we think bout this moment, tell me, who wont smile n cry???...

If only human's like moon, sun, and stars,.. never change..

there are times when my head goes empty
and i feel silly.
there are times when mouth goes numb
and i feel dumb.
there are times when my heart skips a beat
and i think its magic!

taken from aliya.
jus lov those words.
P.S. I Lov U

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Suka + Duka = Roda Hidup

Menikmati keindahan ciptaanNya..

Masa suka ku..

Tapi, happiness in my life wont stay for long.
Dats wat we cal life..

Sumtimes we feel happy, sumtime we dont..
Sumtimes we said we wanna cry, sumtimes we wont..
Sumtimes we said enuf, but still have to move on..
Sumtimes we think it's flower but it's the thorn..
Sumtimes we prefer pencil, but we got crayon..

So, life's truly, again,